Event Staffing

Sometimes you really want to do the food and decor for your event, and you just need some helping hands to bring it all together.  Hiring staff for your event allows you to truly be the hostess of your event.  You get all the credit for your fabulous event, and still are able to spend your time with your guests.  As a bonus, your home is clean at the end of the event and you can put your feet up and relax!


Our services are available starting at the following rates.  There is a minimum charge of 4 hours per service.

Event Coordinator:  from $50/hour

Party Manager: from $35/hour

Chef:  from $40/hour

Bartender:  from $30/hour with tips or $50/hour flat rate

Kitchen Assistant:  from $30/hour

Dishwashers and Bussers:  from $25/hour